This Cadillac & LaSalle Club winning Coupe DeVille has been awarded for its outstanding condition and could be yours

The Cadillac Coupe DeVille was the star of the American car industry during the 1950s. A car that makes European land yachts appear like Fiat 500s, the DeVille was simply enormous. With the accolade of having the tallest tail fins of any production car, it also boasts one of the most outrageous designs. Look at any '50s car and the contrast is unparalleled in terms of pushing consumer product design to its limits.

Things didn’t stop there, either. Power steering, air conditioning, cruise control, electric windows and even high beam assist were all on offer on this car. Consider the fact that an option like high beam assist is still an optional extra in 2019, and you quickly realise how ahead of its time the DeVille was.

1959 Cadillac Coupe Deville

At the time questions were raised on how to power this beast, as the DeVille tipped the scales at a mammoth 5000lbs. Considering how much thinner and lighter cars of this era were compared to today's safe space clad tanks, the Deville weighs more than two Nissan Versas or the same as a Maybach S560, crikey. A 390ci block was used and did a pretty decent job, with 325-horsepower propelling the car to cruising speeds with a satisfying waffle. If this sounds appealing, then we have found the ride for you.

The car featured here is possibly the best of the best, having won the Cadillac & LaSalle Club competition in 2017, and comes complete with its winning badge. Resplendent in that iconic Wood Rose metallic paint with matching Rose interior, and having enjoyed a full restoration costing far more than the car's value, this has to be the ultimate Coupe DeVille of its model year.

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