Combining vintage looks with modern performance, this restored hot rod possesses some serious power

Hot rods are fascinating machines that bring together early styling of motoring with modern day performance. A vehicle that exudes a vintage look always draws a crowd, but the crowd doubles is it can also shame a neighboring sports car. This potent Ford 5 Window Coupé is a fine example of this extroverted breed.

Walking towards this car, it appears to be an extremely well presented model with its tall grille, protruding headlamps and elegant wheel arches. However, upon closer inspection you’ll notice the way the chassis is hugging the ground, suggesting that there’s more going on than what first meets the eye.

Gallery: CFS: 1932 Ford 5 Window Coupé Hot Rod

The $200,000 restoration of this ‘all Henry Ford Steel car’ had the complete frame-off treatment five years ago, and looks in excellent condition. No doubt helped by the deep black PPG paintwork that contrasts the chrome components.

Inside you’ll find a black leather interior that’s narrated by classy wooden inserts. It’s a basic, yet well executed, and stands close to its 1932 origin. However, this car’s beauty is more than skin deep.

Under the hood is a thunderous LS7 motor producing no less than 500-horsepower. This performance is translated to the rear wheels via a Doug Nash five-speed transmission with Holley 3 deuces. Aluminum heads and radiator and a stainless steel exhaust help reduce weight, while a new electric fan keeps the V8 cool.

CFS: 1932 Ford 5 Window Coupé Hot Rod

The front suspension sticks to a more traditional leaf spring setup, but the rear gets a sophisticated chromed coil-over operation. A good deal of engineering has gone into this hot rod to not only boost its power enormously, but also make its performance usable.

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