This Mercury Sable Convertible concept car was the only one made, yet it's on the market again after a little over a year. It's not that expensive, either...

The same one of a kind Mercury Sable Convertible Concept car listed for sale in 2017 is now up for sale again on Craigslist. The bizarrely unique, and one-of-one is also apparently worth more now than before as the new listing is seeking $2,000 more.

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Debuted at an auto show in 1989, this only-of-its-kind concept was born when Ford was tossing around the idea of making a convertible variant of the Sable, and only giving it two-doors. The production versions would all be offered as either four-door sedans or four-door station wagons, but must admit that a two-door convertible would have been a much more exciting option.

Mercury Sable Convertible concept looking for a new home
Mercury Sable Convertible concept looking for a new home

Even though it’s a concept, this car has a VIN number and can be registered to drive on public roads - many concept cars that have made it out into the world are illegal to drive on the road. The exceptionally clean convertible only has 9800 miles on the clock and the ad states that it needs a “little light touch up”, with no further explanation.

There’s little history about the current owner came to own the car, just that it’s been stored in Austin for many years. Based on the information in the ad, this would appear to be the same person who tried to sell the car last year, but ended up keeping it for some reason. Perhaps he felt he had it listed to low at the prior price of $15,900, because the price is now $17,995, or trade.

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