Think all Range Rover Classics are out of financial reach? This 1984 diesel project requires very little work to get back on the road – and is up for sale at £1950

If headlines are to be believed, classic Range Rovers are expensive. Should you seek an early model then you’ll have to part with a kidney, while last-of-the-line examples command the sort of cash that could secure a Ferrari Dino.

However, venture beyond the restored or healthy Range Rover specimens cluttering up the high-end classifieds and the prices drop dramatically – especially if you leave V8 petrol engines to collectors and purchase a turbo diesel.

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Prices drop further if you are prepared to get your hands dirty and undertake some mechanical work. This 1984 Range Rover classic project is one such example, a partially finished restoration that remains incomplete due to the vendor’s health.

You can still get a Range Rover Classic for under £2k
You can still get a Range Rover Classic for under £2k
You can still get a Range Rover Classic for under £2k

Before suffering a tendon injury, the current owner successfully rebuilt the engine and overhauled the gearbox, transfer box, axles, swivel hubs and brakes. The chassis and inner body were solid before the vehicle was stripped, with only minor work required on the rear tailgate – an infamous rust trap on all classic Range Rovers.

According to the seller, all that’s required to get the off-roader through an MOT is a small piece of welding in the front floor and the interior put back together again, although all the bits come with the sale.

The seller notes that, after sitting outside for two months, the clutch cylinder has drained itself of fluid and the headlining has drooped, but these tasks shouldn’t prove difficult to sort.

The Range Rover will require a new paint job, but the body is straight and won’t take huge effort to prepare for a respray.

You can still get a Range Rover Classic for under £2k

‘The car always starts on the button, and pulls like a train. I was driving around in it before I decided to restore it. This is a great winter project for someone who has a few weekends to sort it,’ the seller explains in the advert.

After some TLC, the end result may be a Range Rover running on Devil’s fuel, but you’ll have all the comfort, road presence and off-road ability that made the British 4x4 such an icon in the first place.

It might not be as quick or as ultimately refined as its V8 brethren, but economy will ensure you can drive this Rangey on a daily basis without fearing yet another trip to the fuel station.

Currently on eBay with an asking price of £1950, at a smidgen under £2k, this restoration project also undercuts more desirable models by around 75% of the expense. Handy with a spanner? Get a closer look here.

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