The Ferrari F40 is a very special car, but this example holds a special place in the heart of its owner. Petrolicious tells this great story

The Ferrari F40 is an automotive landmark, not just because it was the first production car capable of surpassing 200mph, but because it represented the ultimate car Ferrari was capable of in the 1980s.

Today its legend is woven into the rich tapestry that is car culture with a shape instantly recognised by all with high octane fuel running through their veins. Jasbir Dhillon is the lucky owner of this F40, but to him it is so much more than simply a fast car, as he tells Petrolicious.

More on the Ferrari F40

The Ferrari F40 was born out of a stillborn Group B racing project that was to become the 288 Evoluzione. With the Group B formula being disbanded before the car had the chance to race, Enzo Ferrari decreed that the Evoluzione's development work should be used to create the greatest Ferrari road car ever. Enzo wanted this supercar to signify the 40th anniversary of the very first Ferrari-badged car built, but that left designers and engineers just 13 months to create the car.


Officially the last car signed off by Enzo Ferrari before his death in 1988, the Ferrari F40 made use of a 2.9-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine. It is a raw driver’s machine with little soundproofing, no driver aids and a spartan interior. This purity of purpose is what makes the Ferrari F40 such an intoxicating machine.

Dhillon fell in love with the F40 in his youth, with Formula 1 star Nigel Mansell acquiring one as his company car while serving for the Scuderia. When the day came to buy his own, his culture encourages big purchases to be run by the parents for their approval as a mark of respect.

'I can see the passion in your eyes for this car, just don't look back. It will bring you great fortune, great luck, and great experiences,' said Dhillon's mother in response. Sadly his mother passed away two months later, but her memory is instilled in this F40. Today Jasbir shares his passion for the Ferrari with his children who adore spending time in it. The car even created an opportunity to fly the F40 to Bahrain and have it driven by F1 ace Jacky Ickx, who raced for Scuderia Ferrari in 1968 and from 1970-73.

All Ferrari F40s are very special machines, but this one even more so to Jasbir Dhillon and his family.