You can’t deny that the Plymouth ‘Cuda with 426 Hemi V8 power is cool, but is this restored barn find example $250k cool?

During an in-house redesign for the 1970 model year Plymouth Barracuda, all commonality with the fore-bearing Valiant platform was eliminated. An all-new model thundered into showrooms with high impact colours and outright power.

Three versions were offered from dealers – Plymouth’s base model, the luxury orientated Gran Coupe and the steroid-fed variant known simply as the ‘Cuda. It's this model that we all yearn for, but they don't come cheap. This restored example is currently retailing for an eye-watering $249,900.

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While the new ‘Cuda was built on a shorter platform to previous generation powerhouses, stylist John E. Herlitz utilised a wider version of Chrysler’s existing B platform – known as the E-body – to ensure steadfast road holding at high speed. It was because of this tweaked platform that a larger engine bay could be incorporated, allowing the appointment of America’s 426 Hemi V8.

These Hemi-equipped ‘Cudas received upgraded suspension components and extra structural reinforcements to transfer 7.0-litres worth of power smoothly onto the road. Manual transmissions came as standard on the 426 Hemi ‘Cuda, channelling 425bhp straight into the heart of petrolheads worldwide.

This restored 1970 Plymouth 'Cuda barn find is $250k

The ultimate Plymouth ‘Cuda is a rare beast though, ruinously expensive when new and tricky to find in solid condition. Should you stumble across a good one, you can expect to pay top dollar for the title deeds. But how does $250k grab you?

That’s the asking price for this restored 1970 example, which the vendor lists as ‘absolutely perfect and correct’. Originally bought by a muscle car enthusiast in rural Wisconsin, the owner was forced to sell the ‘Cuda and buy a house when his partner announced she was pregnant.

The Plymouth was sold locally to a farmer where it remained for the better part of three decades. As the years ticked on, the original owner kept in touch with the new custodian and soon tried to buy the car back.

Despite almost 20 years of haggling, the farmer refused to sell. By now, the car was no longer running. Effectively transformed into a barn find, a sale was finally reached and the ‘Cuda landed back with its first owner a couple of years ago. The Plymouth was then restored by its original titleholder and his now much older son prior to the current sale.

Authenticated by Mopar expert Galen Govier, this car is fully documented with restoration receipts, original newspaper clippings from 1970 when the car was originally purchased and newspaper articles from when the car finally returned to its original owner.

One of the rarest and most sought after muscle cars of the 20th century, we understand that the Plymouth ‘Cuda 426 Hemi is highly collectable, but would you pay quarter of a million dollars? Get a closer look here before you decide.

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