Morgan is ending its use of V8 engines after 50 years and has made a celebratory film, which also hints at its next project

Morgan loves celebrating the past, with its retro and stylish designs, and sadly one of its throwback features is going to be lost forever: the V8 engine.

For the last half century the Morgan Motor Company has been using V8 engines in its cars, and currently power the Aero 8 and Plus 8 vehicles. All new vehicles will be shunning this engine design though, with the final cars from each of the models being taken up by the company’s heritage fleet. To commemorate this quite sad event, Morgan has produced a short film called ‘V8 – The Final Performance’.

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The short film marks the end of an era for Morgan, with production switched to the new ‘Wide Body’ sports car after the final Plus 8, the 300th to be fitted with BMW’s N62 engine, was complete.

In the film you can see Morgan’s chief test driver Keith Dalley enjoying his final ever test drive of a V8 car around the Malvern Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the United Kingdom. At the end, there is a wider look at all the V8-powered Morgans to have come out of the Malvern-based company’s factory, and a sneak peek at what’s coming next.


Not that the company is lacking in new ideas, but it’s taken many years of design and development to get the ‘Wide Body’ into production. It’s expected to go on sale next year, and will be a high-performance model for the brand. It will use a ‘bonded aluminium fabricated’ chassis, twice as stiff as the ones used in its current models, and with a new yet to be revealed engine.

‘We are excited to be launching the ‘Wide Body’ car in Morgan’s 110th year, and over the coming weeks and months, we will be releasing further details,’ said technology director Graham Chapman.

Morgan marks final V8 cars with a film...and a clue to its future
Morgan marks final V8 cars with a film...and a clue to its future
Morgan marks final V8 cars with a film...and a clue to its future

‘The 2019 launch of this car is the culmination of several years of unprecedented investment in Design and Engineering for Morgan. This has produced the most advanced development programme in Morgan’s history, the results of which we cannot wait to share with our customers worldwide.’