Both sets of doors open a full 90 degrees to create quite an entrance when getting in or out of this big sedan

The rumors are true because coach doors, also known as suicide doors, are coming back to the Lincoln Continental after becoming a famous part of the model's design in the 1960s. Unfortunately, the company will build just 80 of them for the 2019 model year, meaning these special sedans will be a very rare sight on the road. A few more of them will arrive for the 2020 model year, though.

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While the Continental Coach Door Edition looks quite a bit like the standard model at first glance, the special edition actually has an extra six inches (15.24 centimeters) of wheelbase that allows for installing the larger doors. The additional length comes with the extra advantage of increasing rear-seat legroom to what Lincoln claims is class-leading levels. The doors open a full 90 degrees at the front and back, which should create a grand entrance at any event.

“People appreciate elegance and glamour,” David Woodhouse, design director at Lincoln said in the model's announcement. "And they want the easiest way to get in and out of a vehicle. These doors answer to both."

Lincoln revives suicide doors for Continental's 80th anniversary

When the owners approach, both the side mirror and passenger door handle shine a light onto the ground to welcome them. As occupants step inside, they find a special door plaque that displays the vehicle's number in the 80-car production run. The expansive console between the rear seats features a stowable tray table and tablet holder, too.

While the focus of this special Continental is largely on the passengers, the driver enjoys a few amenities, too. Lincoln's Perfect Position seats offer 30 ways of adjustment, and there's a standard head-up display that even works when wearing polarized sunglasses.

The Coach Door models will come exclusively with a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 producing 400 horsepower (298 kilowatts) and 400 pound-feet (542 Newton-meters) of torque.


The Continental Coach Door Edition will arrive at dealers in summer 2019, but the company won't discuss the price yet. Buyers will also have access to Lincoln's Black Label services that include annual vehicle detailing, anytime carwashes, and even a curated dining experience at certain restaurants.

UPDATE: We were curious about Lincoln making the Continental Coach Door available in limited numbers in 2020 and reached out to the automaker for more details. "We have not announced the specific quantity for the 20MY run, but we will keep them limited so that the edition remains special and unique," Anika Salceda-Wycoco, Lincoln Communications Manager, told us." So if you can't get the Coach Door model this year, then there's still a chance to put one in your garage in the future.

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