Porsche Classic has taken classic car theft into its own hands, with this autonomous anti-theft device for its classic models

Some cars can literally last a lifetime, and saying goodbye to them can heartbreaking. Having them stolen can feel even worse, so Porsche has come up with an answer.

Old Porsches are some of the most desired classic cars on the market and, therefore, statistically more likely to be stolen. Porsche Classic is now offering a remote satellite monitoring system, akin to those offered on its brand new production models, for classic customers.

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Christened the ‘Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System’, it's based around an autonomous sensor package integrated with parts of the vehicle that cannot be seen. Importantly, it fits all classic Porsche models.

An anti-theft device that can’t be found makes it more difficult to remove, ensuring it’s more successful. The device is a smart one, meaning it connects to a security network across Europe, and your own smartphone, where alarms are triggered if someone tries to steals the car. With the app, all it takes is the owner to confirm a theft is taking place and the authorities will be noted. Local responders will then track down the car to help recover it.

Protect your classic Porsche with this anti-theft device

The details of Porsche’s device suggests it's been built to defend against professional criminals, with the technical information of the hardware and software of the device kept as secret as possible, and the location of said device when attached is also secret. We literally cannot say where you’d expect Porsche to fit it to your car.

All we do know is they’re fitted in a way that makes them very difficult to remove or disable, which, given the amount of time it'd probably take to figure out the system while stealing a car it's attached to, makes it a far less attractive proposition to criminals. The device also reads the circuits electrics, so if a potential thief tries to disconnect the battery, that immediately sets off the alarm. And with its own battery, the device is completely autonomous.

Protect your classic Porsche with this anti-theft device

It calls the police, it keeps itself discrete and it can even take anti-theft into its own hands. There is an option which gives the device access to the engine via wireless command to prevent it from being restarted, something that will still halt criminals with even the most complex GPS jamming technology. Porsche’s device detects such technology, and triggers the alarms once again.

Considering its extensive anti-theft abilities, it’s well worth the purchase for your classic Porsche at the cost of just €1000 plus a service charge of €20 per month. For a quarter of the price, you can add on a mechanical shift lever Bear-Lock, which keeps the car in a single gear and requires no mechanical adjustments on the vehicle it’s attached to.

Protect your classic Porsche with this anti-theft device