Is an impending apocalypse weighing on your mind? Make space in your dream car garage for this contingency plan – a bare metal, mean-looking Sandrail

As much as we may adore Mad Max'sridiculous and brilliant automotive creations used in the post-apocalyptic world, they are, sorry to spoil it, movie props. You can't go to your local car dealership or auction to get yourself one of the dune-bouncing, safety ignoring fire-breathing modes of transport.

But even before the first Mad Max movie came to be, petrolheads were bodging Volkswagen chassis to give us the next best thing. This 1974 Volkswagen-based Sandrail Dune Buggy is being sold by Barrett-Jackson at the Scottsdale sale in Arizona next January and has no reserve, which means you could be bidding to the death.

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The buggy itself has four seats with safety harnesses - pick your friends carefully - recently serviced Sway-A-Way race runner suspension and the rear axle from a 091 VW bus. You can forget about a comfortable ride but it should guarantee sturdiness on the potentially rough terrain of post-apocalyptic Earth.

Get your apocalypse prep on track with this 1974 VW Sandrail
Get your apocalypse prep on track with this 1974 VW Sandrail

Being a sand buggy, it can be driven with absolute confidence across beaches and dunes, and would do well on pre-apocalyptic roads too. But that would be a bit boring.

Powering the buggy is Ford’s 2.3-litre SVO turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which has recently been worked on to include electric fuel-injection and a on-vehicle computer, and it's mated to a four-speed manual transmission. Remember, clunky gear changes do not look good in post-apocalyptic action movies (or when showing off to your partner, mind).

‘Aesthetic’ features include powder-coated, polished, chromed and billeted parts, a Tattle Tale tachometer, a stereo system, custom seats, and ‘drift brakes’, to ensure you look cool taking on any corner and sound like a maniac when you do. Plus, that full metal look is perfect for intimidating fellow apocalypse survivors who you might stumble across. Always a plus.

There's no reserve price for the sale, and the buggy comes with a spare set of rear wheels and tyres honed for use on the sands of post-apocalyptic Arizona. It won't be your daily driver today – but it might be in a few years' time.

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