Harking back to the 1949 Ford, the 2001 Forty Nine concept car relived the glory days of drive-in movies and waitresses on roller skates

Concept cars tend to live the life of a butterfly. There are tireless hours of work to design them, they enter the chrysalis stage of being hand-built by skilled craftspeople, then they emerge in the spotlight as a pristine model. However, just like a butterfly, these cars tend to die young, being crushed after they are no longer of use. This intriguing Ford Forty Nine Convertible concept escaped that fate and is now being sold at Mecum Auction’s Kissimmee event.

Back in 2001 Ford revealed the Forty Nine concept car at the North American International Auto Show. It was a throwback to the days of customisation from decades gone by and a homage to the original Ford 49. Its clean profile is reminiscent of the car that inspired it, as are its big round headlights and Art Deco influences. The dished 20-inch chromed wheels dominate the arches while its lowered ride height emphasises the car’s width.

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This concept car is a static display model, meaning that it doesn’t have any running gear such as an engine. However, it does have a complete interior with minimalist floating dashboard and Burgundy upholstery. The Forty Nine was displayed at various events by Ford for two years before being sold. It now heads to the auction blocks from the Wayne Davis Collection in totally original condition.

Retro Ford Forty Nine concept car heads to auction
Retro Ford Forty Nine concept car heads to auction
Retro Ford Forty Nine concept car heads to auction

The original 1949 Ford was the first post-World War II car of the three largest American car manufacturers. It capitalised on America’s newfound wealth and was one of the first ‘streamlined’ vehicles introduced. As well as leading Ford forward in terms of design, the 49 also boosted safety with steel strengthening. This car soon found favour on the customisation scene and was a mainstay for those looking to express themselves during the 1950s.

If you fancy taking this Ford Forty Nine concept to a drive-in movie — granted you’ll have to push it — then check out this 2019 Mecum Auction.

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