Want to win the battle of the Christmas lights in your neighborhood? Check out this working Chevy Camaro complete with 1500 illuminations!

It’s easy to get carried away with decorating your home in this festive season. Tinsel, baubles and novelty snowmen all contribute to transforming your house into Santa’s Grotto. Often the Christmas spirit spills out of the house in the form of mesmerising lights, but sometimes things can get out of hand.

Locked into a yearly battle of one-upmanship with the neighbours, the light shows become ever more extravagant. Found on eBay, this might just be the ultimate Christmas decoration to break the stalemate. Meet Cori, the Christmas Camaro!

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Your eyes do not deceive you. This is a genuine 1986 Chevrolet Camaro IROC Z covered in 1500 Christmas lights that has become somewhat internet famous. Star of many Camaro forums, this distinctive muscle car could be your perfect front lawn Christmas decoration. The car is trimmed with festive shades of red and green replacing anything that was black, including the tyres, to create a Camaro fit for Farther Christmas himself.

Is this Chevrolet Camaro the ultimate Christmas decoration?
Is this Chevrolet Camaro the ultimate Christmas decoration?

The car itself is a 77,000-mile example and is a genuine IROC-Z 305 with tuned port injection. It runs and drives, but the seller mentions that it has been off the road for a few years now, so it would be wise to get it checked over. Its vendor works on Camaros regularly and to his eye the car is a solid example, after lifting the it to check underneath.

He also says that the interior isn’t all that appealing, but he will include a complete grey interior with the car should you wish to improve it yourself. Other spare parts that come with the Chevy includes Daytona fibreglass hood, rear spoiler, and headers. The advert is full of details on the car, further reinforcing that the seller known what he’s talking about.

Is this Chevrolet Camaro the ultimate Christmas decoration?

But what would you do with the car after Christmas has been and gone? Well, it is also being sold with all of the parts required to turn it back into a regular Camaro, should you wish to go incognito come the New Year.

It’s certainly a unique car, and maybe one that’ll make the neighbours jealous this Christmas. It could be yours for just $2495.

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