Ford has reached an agreement with Gateway Broncos to produce limited numbers of original shape Ford Broncos, running modern Coyote 5.0L V8 engines

There's huge news for fans of first generation Ford Broncos (which, based on their recent resale values, is lots of you). Gateway Bronco, the restoration firm specializing in the care and renovation of first-generation vehicles, has just announced a finalized license agreement with Ford to build limited numbers of 1966-77 Bronco vehicles.

Effectively, with the new agreement, you will be able to buy a brand-new example of Ford’s original iconic 4x4 – courtesy of the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act of 2015.

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'We’re honored to be recognized by Ford Motor Company and consider this license agreement a tremendous privilege,' said Seth Burgett, CEO of Gateway Bronco.

'We will work diligently to serve and protect the Ford brand. Our proprietary, exclusive solutions to re-condition and manufacture the first-generation Ford Bronco has led to incredible growth of our company. Deepening our relationship with Ford will help us better serve our customers who want the ultimate classic Ford Bronco with modern performance.'


Gateway Bronco will offer three models of the first-generation Ford off-roader with prices ranging from $120,000 to $180,000. A five-year guarantee warranty will cover all aspects, including modern components used to strengthen the chassis.

Each vehicle will come equipped with a Ford Coyote 5.0L V8 engine, a six-speed automatic transmission and protection from rust and deterioration using proprietary solutions exclusive to the firm. Tuning know-how will allow for a smooth ride when compared to the 1960s original. No shattered pelvises here, no sir!

Ford is licensing brand new first-generation Bronco builds
Ford is licensing brand new first-generation Bronco builds
Ford is licensing brand new first-generation Bronco builds

Currently known as a market-leading innovator in the re-imagining of Ford Broncos, Seth Burgett’s firm is capable of producing between two and four vehicles per month, meeting Certified Reconditioned Vehicle standards established by Ford themselves.

Catering to the call for contemporary driving capabilities wrapped up in a shape of yesteryear, this is just the latest in a line of classic 4x4s to receive a prevailing injection of technology. E.C.D recently installed a 6.2-litre Chevrolet V8 within the guts of a Range Rover Classic, but the difference here is that Gateway Bronco's offering will be a brand new vehicle.

Ford is licensing brand new first-generation Bronco builds

It’s not an old vehicle restored with modern drivetrain and comforts. The ‘new’ Broncos will be crafted from fresh panels and new metal all round. Will this affect the values of ‘proper’ original Broncos? We doubt it.

Gateway Bronco’s builds won’t run with recreations of the original powertrain, nor will they offer the patina of those vehicles already boasting half a century on the road. Blending retro styling with modern performance capabilities, the purists will be up in arms, but we’ll be first in line with our chequebook…

Ford is licensing brand new first-generation Bronco builds

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