Once on display at the New York World's Fair, this motorised Corvette V8 cutaway is a work of art. It's up for auction and would make a great centrepiece for any collection

The 1960s were a boom period of innovation in engineering and technology. Every industry was benefiting from new ideas that were once impossible, but now a part of everyday life. This was most evident in America and highlighted by the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair where industry giants such as General Motors could show the public their latest developments.

This beautiful Chevrolet Corvette cutaway engine was on show, but now it could be on display in your living room via Barrett-Jackson.

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The 1964-65 New York World’s Fair was an extravagant event, but General Motors had the largest display by far. Dubbed the ‘Futurama Pavilion’ the GM stages housed attractions such as the Mako Shark II concept car that inspired the Chevrolet Corvette, and an intriguing cutaway ’65 Sting Ray fuel-injected coupe. Another show stopping cutaway was this 396ci V8 engine that GM was to introduce later that year. It would be offered in carbureted 396 or 425 guise.

Imagine this beautiful Corvette engine in your living room

If you love engineering, this display is a work of art. Powered by a starter motor to bring its components to life, this engine has various sections cut out for onlookers to marvel at how the engine works. However, by the time the World’s Fair ended, this engine was obsolete due to the fast moving pace of the American automotive industry. Of no practical use, the display changed hands throughout the years.

The red and chrome unit is certainly eye-catching and has recently been restored to its former glory. Imagine having this unit quietly working away amongst your collection, or even in your living room if your partner loves you enough. Your chance to acquire this unique showpiece is at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale event that takes place on January 12 - 20 2019.

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