A trio of classic Chevrolet Corvettes, a 1951 Dodge Coronet and more vehicles were smashed into by an out-of-control Nissan 350Z driver in Florida

For as much time, care and attention we pay to our cherished classic vehicles, sometimes an external force we have no control over comes along and ruins everything. Leo’s Automotive, a classic car dealership in Pensacola, Florida, suffered a nasty surprise this Thanksgiving when a speeding driver wiped out three of his classic Chevrolet Corvettes, also damaging several other vehicles.

The culprit was a white Nissan 350Z, which somehow razed a fire hydrant and telegraph pole before taking out several vehicles – parked both outside and even inside the dealership – after crashing on Wednesday.

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Though no-one from the dealership witnessed what occurred first hand, shop foreman Dave Amaral suspected the Nissan had been speeding – hardly surprising given it was missing both front wheels after the impact.

‘I guess he was at a high rate of speed, to take out a fire hydrant, take out a telephone pole and break it in three places, and push 4,000 pound cars around like they're dominos,’ Amaral told WEAR-TV.

Driver crashes into store, wrecks three classic Chevrolet Corvettes

Bearing the brunt of the damage was a trio of classic Corvettes, ranging from a C2 pace car to a bright red C4 Corvette that’s now essentially a write-off.

‘Corvettes... They don't give those things away!’ Amaral astutely pointed out. ‘There are a couple of really old ones here, a collector car - which I consider, looking at it, totalled. There's a pace car, they're hard to find. This was a barn find, and it was a collector car, so it hit a few good ones.’

Amaral believes the damage sustained to various vehicles amounts to around $100,000, not surprising given the wrecking ball effect the 350Z had.

‘They're old school," said Amaral. ‘You know, you get a car over 40 years old, it's a survivor; it's worth money - more to some than others. You can't put a price tag on a car that old.’

Driver crashes into store, wrecks three classic Chevrolet Corvettes

He’s not wrong. Putting aside the Corvettes there was one other classic car which was lucky to get off with only a few minor dents and scratches – a customised 1951 Dodge Coronet, which was struck by debris from the accident.

WEAR-TV reports no-one was injured during the incident – not even the driver of the Nissan 350Z – but the owner of Leo’s Automotive might be feeling the financial pain from this crash for a while yet.