We won't give away the trick behind this car, which is capable of outpacing the British police while driving backwards

One of the biggest spy films of the last few years has not been a James Bond installment, nor the 100% entirely serious Johnny English saga, instead it’s been the breakout 2014 movie Kingsman: The Secret Service, which performed so well it merited a sequel. Any good spy film has a fleet of high-performance vehicles, and Kingsman was no different.

In a scene which featured the main character Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin being chased by the police, actor Taron Egerton drives a Subaru Impreza Hawkeye WRX STi in reverse gear with impressive skill. Buses and lamp posts are avoided in this high speed chase, but it eventually ends with ‘Eggsy’ crashing. Either way, it’s impressive to drive a car the wrong way with such fluency.

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It turns out the car actually had reverse controls for a second driver facing the ‘wrong’ direction, and is in a classified listing on eBay.The six-speed car, used for many stunts in the film, was originally a standard UK-registered Impreza Hawkeye STi D. To make it fit for movie purposes the car body was cut off and actually put back on facing the other direction. So much for the magic of the movies. Two other Imprezas were used to shoot the chase scene, but the one for sale is the main one that appeared on screen.


To ensure it was quick, and had a driveable torque curve, the engine was upgraded with Cosworth head gaskets and RCM headers, of which the vendor has the relevant paperwork for. Knowing it may end up crashing into a bus while expensive actors are inside, a roll cage was welded into the chassis, providing extra safety. Having gone through quite a dramatic time in the film, not to mention coving 67,000 miles in total, the car is a little worse for wear, and struggles to start when key meets ignition. It does run though, if you’re talented at bump starting machines.

The paintwork also looks a little worse for wear, but the yellow colour scheme isn’t exactly the lead in for buying this car. The registration plate seen in the listing is the one used in the film rather than it’s actual DVLA registered one, which is ‘YT06 UAG’. Yes, that’s right, you could be driving this car ‘backwards’ to the shops if you wanted to.

Kingsman movie stunt Subaru Impreza is literally backwards

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