Youtube sensations Garage 54 ENG and MasterMilo82 teamed up to create a Volvo with a difference – the seats are on the outside

Perhaps taking inspiration from Rowan Atkinson's iconic Mr.Bean and his well-abused classic Mini 1000, like-minded engineers have constructed a completely bonkers Volvo V40 boasting front seats like no other car. Positioned some two meters off the ground, passengers can subject themselves to all that Mother Nature has to throw at them – like a Swedish roller coaster without the safety precautions.

Garage 54 ENG and MasterMilo82 are two Youtube superstars known for undertaking crazy stunts individually, such as feeding salt, Coke (not that kind...) and vegetable oil into a Lada or shifting an Opel Astra into reverse at insane speed. Like a clash of the titans, these guys eventually met and what happened was something unimaginably entertaining – equipping a classic Volkswagen Golf with an 'external 'roll cage' so it could perform all manner of wicked forward flips.

More Volvo madness!

This time, however, the two online personalities fixed the seats of a Volvo V40 onto the car's front end – a bit like Mr.Bean's Mini/chair hybrid. There is little reason for such an undertaking, but it sure is hilarious. Especially when they went about testing their creation. Take a look:


While the urge may present itself to copy the idea, a bit of a warning: don't try this at home. This is actually an accident waiting to happen, and your parents won't apprecaite their Acura being ruined forever. Keeping in with the Swedish mantra, it's good to see they've installed seatbelts to this unique Volvo V40. Still, leave mental things like this to these guys, okay?

Now, tell us who did it better: Garage 54 ENG and MasterMilo82, or Mr. Bean?