LaFerrari Aperta was launched in celebration of Ferrari's 70th anniversary with just 210 built. A super low-mileage example of this hybird hyper car is to hit the auction blocks next year

LaFerrari has ascended to icon status along with Ferrari halo cars that preceded it such as the F40 and Enzo. This rare hybrid hyper car commands strong values at auction, even more so if it’s a LaFerrari Aperta such as this one being auctioned by Mecum in January 2019. In fact, an Aperta currently holds the record for most expensive new car sold at auction when one hammered for around $10 million last year.

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Rare low-mileage LaFerrari Aperta heads to auction
Rare low-mileage LaFerrari Aperta heads to auction

LaFerrari Aperta was introduced after the standard Berlinetta finished its production run of 499 examples. Just 210 open-top Aperta models were built to celebrate Ferrari’s 70th anniversary and attempt to meet the overwhelming demand for LaFerrari.

Its powertrain is identical to the coupe meaning that power is sourced from a 6.2-litre V12 engine and a 161bhp electric motor for a total output of 950bhp. 0-62mph is completed in just 2.9 seconds and you can enjoy that ‘wind in your hair’ sensation all the way up to 217mph. Roofless cars are inherently less ridged than their hard-top counterparts, but for this Aperta Ferrari engineers managed to match the coupe.

This 2016 example has only covered 174-miles from new, a sad discovery for anyone who loves driving, but something that will make this a prime target for a collector. Wearing traditional Ferrari Rosso Corsa paintwork, this Aperta is beautifully detailed with contrasting pinstripes and red trimming to the lightweight alloy wheels.

That red and black combo continues into the cockpit where black leather meets red piping. You’ll find a few extras fixed to their Ferrari including carbonfibre wheel centres, door mirrors and fog lamp. Complete with its charger, manuals, car cover, and driving gloves, this is practically a box-fresh car.

Rare low-mileage LaFerrari Aperta heads to auction

Come December, LaFerrari’s ‘holy trinity’ siblings – in the form of the Porsche 918 Spyder and McLaren P1 – will be heading to another auction. This represents a great opportunity to gauge how sought after these cars remain.

Handsome, potent, and very rare, a LeFerrari Aperta is amongst the hyper car greats. We’ll be watching the Mecum Kissimmee auction with keen interest.

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