Is this one of the best Porsche garages in the world? YouTuber See Through Glass went to have a look

YouTube channel Seen Through Glass had a surprise invite to a Porsche workshop in Portugal recently, where they found an incredible collection of cars, creations and segments of Porsche history. Thankfully, they shared the results.

The workshop is called Lisbon Sportclasse, and is primarily a collection of vintage Porsches. Andre Nunes, grandson of two-time Portuguese Rally champion, WRC points scorer and Portuguese hillclimbing legend Américo Nunes, guides the viewer through.

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A 1968 Porsche 911S is the first car shown, and is a restored rally car, with rally headlights and… heated seats. Although Lisbon Sportclasse tries to stick to original specifications, it also adds luxuries such as this. The next 911S on show is a decade younger, and is paraded in the striking black and orange livery than Nunes Sr used to take overall Rally Rota do Sol victory in 1978. This fact is repeated on a huge canvas poster on the workshop wall.


In period this car, and many others, were used on the road Monday to Friday, then rallied at the weekend. One car that certainly doesn’t look like it was used for commuting is a red and blue 935. It was used for hillclimbing, and has been restored so it’s ready for the hills again.

Watch: £20 million of classic Porsches stashed in Lisbon garage
Watch: £20 million of classic Porsches stashed in Lisbon garage

One example of Lisbon Sportclasse’s attention to detail is a 1977 911 Turbo, which is absolutely showroom standard. It has an all-black exterior, including the wheels, and the inside is a mixture of a creamy leather and tartan. As Seen Through Glass says: ‘Why aren’t modern Porsches like this?’

Some cars aren’t at this display stage yet, with a white Porsche kept under a canvas being identified as one of the most successful rally and hillclimb cars in the Iberian peninsula. It’s undecided whether it should be fully restored, or just repaired mechanically so its motorsport history can still be seen through the bodywork bruises. Other cars slightly out of sight include a row of Porsche Carrera GTs, equating to 1% of the total number of cars in existence.

Watch: £20 million of classic Porsches stashed in Lisbon garage
Watch: £20 million of classic Porsches stashed in Lisbon garage

Once a decision is made, the car will be stripped to the bone, like the 1974 911 RSR and 991S shown in the video, with the floor removed too, put on the benches and warmed up so the workshop workers can do any welding if required. About 90% of the cars worked on, many in need of repair, involve handmade parts and working processes after stripping, with the remaining 10% left in a more complete shape because of customer requests.

Customers’ first experience of the workshop will be in the meeting room, which is full of books, posters, models, memorabilia and a Porsche 906 race car, which is ‘part of the furniture’. The gullwing street legal vehicle is finished in yellow and green, and is one of the first cars where design and production was led by Ferdinand Piëch, grandson of Ferdinand Porsche. It was raced by Nunes’s grandfather, and is a title winner despite never topping the podium.