The four-wheeled star of Baby Driver is undoubtedly the Subaru WRX STI in the opening sequence. Now you can buy one of the five stunt cars from the movie

Before 2017, if someone suggested that you should watch a film called Baby Driver you’d likely have shrugged it off as an animated movie written to entertain children. However, the fast flowing heist movie featuring impressive stunt driving and one of the best soundtracks ever, grossing just shy of $227 million (£176m, €202m) worldwide. Here’s your chance to bag the Subaru WRX STI star car of that adrenaline-pumping opening sequence.

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One of the things that makes this opening so impressive is that it was all done for real. No CGI, no green screens, no cars on rails. A company called All Pro Subaru built five stunt cars out of high-mileage Subaru WRX STIs to do the job. Interestingly, modifications were minimal, with the biggest being a conversion from all-wheel drive to rear wheel drive to better drift the car. A new rear differential and a turbo from a 2004 STI was also fitted for filming – making this Subaru something of a sleeper.

First impressions are everything and Baby Driver didn’t disappoint. Kicking off with a signature rhythm that runs throughout the movie, lead actor Ansel Elgort as Baby awaits his criminal cargo before gunning it through city streets. His Subaru steed, drifts, J-turns, and emits that signature boxer rumble while evading the police in one of the most stylish car chases to hit the big screen.

Baby Driver Subaru WRX STI film stunt car heads to auction
Baby Driver Subaru WRX STI film stunt car heads to auction

Currently listed with Live Auctioneers is one of the stunt cars complete with rear-wheel drive and that turbo. It currently wears a set of Iron Man tyres and is said to have ‘some minor chips and dings’ but it’s not known if these are from filming or not. This 2.5-litre boxer has covered 156,477-miles, a handful of those sideways, and has an estimate of between $20,000 - $25,000 (£15,500 – £19,300, €17,800 – €22,200).

Baby Driver will be fondly remembered as the years go on, so why not add this movie car to your collection?