Brabus isn't just about obnoxious G-Wagens and overly-tuned Smart cars – its restored classics are surprisingly restrained, as this 300 SL in Monaco shows

Brabus, that infamous name that brought you such hits as the highly modified €40,000 (£34,880, $44,920) Smart Brabus 125R Final Edition and Mercedes G-Wagens worth north of €500,000 (£436,090, $561,530) is also in the rather more refined classic restoration game.

Though most of its classic Mercedes restorations have centred around the stately 280 SE, it's also worked on a handful of the more curvaceous 300 SL Roadsters – and this one in red is particularly eye-catching.

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Sporting a vivid factory-code Fire Engine Red paintwork matched with a rare yellow leather upholstery option, Brabus recently took this stunning 300 SL to Monaco for a spell in the sunshine and, unsurprisingly, it’s a bit of scene stealer.

What’s quite surprising about this restoration though is how refined it is. Reworked by a marque known for its trademark extreme flair, every little detail appears as though it’s factory fresh from Untertürkheim despite being 61 years old.

Brabus 300 SL is a Monaco car with a Monaco pricetag

Rather than slap a set of bold aftermarket wheels, the original colour-coded dish alloys are still there, with chrome bumpers lining the bodywork and not so much as a nick on the interior-matching soft-top.

As restorations go this one looks one of the best out there, albeit for good reason. There’s a hefty price tag for this level of detail. Though 300 SL Roadster values have crept up of late, approaching that of their more valuable Gullwing cousins in some cases, €1,790,000 (£1,560,960, $2,010,250) is still a fair whack of cash for a variant of which 458 more examples were built than its hardtop predecessor.

Brabus 300 SL is a Monaco car with a Monaco pricetag

It’s not a great surprise Brabus has chosen the Cote d’Azur to show off the 300 SL – there’s probably nowhere else on earth it belongs more. For those with second or third residences on the French south coast this 300 SL could be yours – for the rest of us, whose budget might only stretch to a W220 S-Class with broken electronics, these videos will have to do. Oh well.