An exciting new international endurance rally club – Rally the Globe – has been launched this week, including an epic global motoring adventure for 2020/2021

A new car club has been launched by rallying mastermind Fred Gallagher, but it’s a tad different to other classic car fraternities. With backing from a number of influential endurance rally participants, Rally the Globe has been established as a means to deliver ‘unrivalled levels of experience, vision and voyage’.

Open to owners of pre-1976 classic and vintage cars, the club aims to provide trans-nation and inter-continental competition for enthusiastic petrolheads. It doesn’t appear to be a shed-based gimmick either, with detailed planning for three events already in motion.

More rallying greats!

Firstly there is the evocatively titled ‘Carrera Iberia’ set for October 2019, marking Rally the Globe’s debut, providing rally stages through Spain and Portugal – with twisting country roads, race circuits and historic venues promised for the inaugural event.

New 'Rally the Globe' club plots epic endurance rally challenge

The focus then switches from Europe to East Africa for the second event in February 2020, entitled ‘Southern Cross Safari’, travelling through Kenya and Tanzania on a route dissecting both Masai Mara and the Serengeti National Reserves before finishing on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

However, it’s the third event that’s got our interest. Living up to the club name, ‘Round the World’ will combine endurance with adventure for what organisers claim will be ‘the zenith of all road trips’.

New 'Rally the Globe' club plots epic endurance rally challenge

Split into three sections, the endurance rally will first traverse the geography between London and Casablanca via the Sahara; the second from New York to Anchorage in Alaska and the third from Vladivostok in eastern Russia back to London. The rally will be staged over a total of 70 days between May 2020 and June 2021. Participants will be able to compete in one, two or all three legs of the rally

'It’s an ambitious and exceptional programme that really underlines our philosophy of providing those possessing a true spirit of adventure with memorable drives through parts of the world that they probably wouldn’t otherwise ever see or savour,' explained Gallagher, Rally the Globe's rally director.

New 'Rally the Globe' club plots epic endurance rally challenge

'We pride ourselves not only in finding some of the greatest driving roads on Earth but also in seeking out both quirky and astonishing places along the route for our crews to relish in between their competitive tests.'

Who is Fred Gallagher?

New 'Rally the Globe' club plots epic endurance rally challenge

Gallagher boasts an impressive automotive CV. Having competed at the very top level – winning numerous World Championship rallies when co-driving with sporting legends such as Juha Kankkunen, Ari Vatanen and Björn Waldegård – and subsequently working as Clerk of the Course on many World Rally Championship rallies and classic endurance events – Gallagher knows what he is talking about when it boils down to automotive survival.

Further clout to the Rally the Globe organising team arrives in the form of John Spiller, who oversaw the Subaru rally team during the Colin McRae era and more recently has successfully overseen events in Southeast Asia, South America and the Middle East.

New 'Rally the Globe' club plots epic endurance rally challenge

For more information on the Rally the Globe team and the three events already announced, click here.