A cheap Jaguar XKE makes for a dangerous purchase, doesn’t it? Not always. Here’s a well maintained 1967 XKE 2+2 for under $50k…

Britain is responsible for some true monstrosities. From Oswald Mosley to One Direction; we are truly sorry. The same story is largely present when it boils down to cars. From the Morris Ital to the Austin Ambassador, the Brits routinely produced some of the greatest lacklustre offerings of the era. Yet, it’s a different story with the Jaguar E-type (or XKE).

The E-type reigns supreme in the classic car world. There is no doubting that there are more expensive classics lurking in the classifieds and faster sports cars chomping at the leash, but the svelte Jag trumps all others in one important aspect: style.

Automotive styling remains subjective to personal taste, but the XKE strikes a chord where almost everyone swoons over its phallic aesthetics; more than any other classic. Yet, it’s not all rose-tinted worship.

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1967 Jaguar XKE for $50k: should you do it?

In short, the Jaguar XKE retains a reputation as one of the most unreliable problem children of the last century. Other than Sarah Palin, of course. As such, the Jag scares off potential owners when prices aren’t stratospheric. Surely the mantra is ‘the higher the price, the better the car’?

Not always. The XKE has witnessed auction prices breaking record amounts, but that doesn’t mean all examples command top dollar. Even then, those asking less on the open market needn’t be destined to ruin your life.

An XKE will require care and there are distinguished signs of rot and mechanical maladies you need to look for, , but problem free examples aren’t impossible to find.

1967 Jaguar XKE for $50k: should you do it?

If you are after a first-generation car with a Moss gearbox then you’ll need to sell your organs on the black market right enough, but seek a later model and you’ll be quids-in. Such as this 1967 XKE 2+2 coupé.

Boasting rude health and only 58,603 miles (94312 km) on the clock, sporting a fetching silver blue paint scheme with an original black leather interior and new tyres – not to mention an upgraded ignition system – the big cat has had only four previous owners and wanted for nothing.

And the asking price? $49,500. Proof then, that well maintained XKEs are out there for less than $50k. This one should give you trouble free motoring for a long while, should you keep the maintenance record going. Get a closer look with the AutoClassics classified advert.

1967 Jaguar XKE for $50k: should you do it?