Using parts from other Ferraris throughout history, the creator of this 328 GTS wide-body restomod has a great eye for detail. Can you spot the 288 GTO components?

The SEMA show in Las Vegas, USA celebrates all things modified and contains quite a few curiosities for 2018. Enhancing classic cars during restoration gets the purists tutting, but this restomod Ferrari 328 GTS that utilises some genuine parts from Ferrari’s of all eras is sure to get them thinking. Simultaneously authentic and somehow bespoke, it’s a scrapbook of Ferrari greatest hits.

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At first glance you might look at this ‘slammed’ Ferrari with its wide bodykit and simply dismiss it as somebody’s rather expensive folly, but take a closer look and you’ll find a method to the madness.

Ferrari fanatics, do you recognise those distinctive fog lights? They are straight off a 288 GTO! Those wing mirrors that you might have disregarded come courtesy of a Ferrari 458 GT3 racing car. The car’s intriguing shade of grey called Grigio Medio is also a colour that officially appears on the Italian marque’s pallet

Even some of the bits that aren’t 100% Ferrari are at least inspired by a Prancing Horse of the past. The alloy wheels were custom made by a company called Rotiform, who used Dino Cromodora rims for influence, and the protruding exhaust pipes are a nod to the 308 GTB rally car.

The 3.2-litre V8 engine does belong to this model, but it has had a good going over and now churns out 400hp. Getting there should be a giggle too with a 9,200rpm limiter. A new ECU, throttle body kit, and custom stainless headers contribute to this classic’s newfound performance. Its widened body also hides other mechanical enhancements such as adjustable air ride suspension that raises the car for real world driving.

Speed Hunters spoke to this 328’s creator at SEMA who told them he is an ‘avid historian’ and that this car was designed be ‘true to the spirit of Maranello’.

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This unique Ferrari 308 GTB is something of a paradox, a collision of impossible things, but we rather like it. If you want to see it in person head to the Toyo Tires stand.