Production of the iconic gold rims famously fitted to Colin McRae's title-winning Subaru Impreza is being restarted by Speedline

Speedline Corse is bringing back its iconic six-spoke Type 2013C wheel that featured heavily during the 1990s Group A and WRC eras of rallying, with the Subaru Impreza first to receive the new continuation wheel.

Produced using original tooling but with newer casting techniques, freshly built Type 2013C wheels will eventually be available in a range of sizes for different rallying icons of the 1990s. But it comes as little surprise that the Subaru Impreza was chosen first, given its iconic status.

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Speedline relaunches iconic Subaru Impreza rally wheels

Made famous by the mercurial Colin McRae during his time with Subaru, these wheels were coated in gold and fitted to Impreza rally cars during the mid-1990s, becoming a must-have for those who grew up wanting an Impreza of their own years later.

They also saw use on the Toyota Corolla WRC cars, BMW M3s and 2-Litre World Rally Cup-spec machines like the Renault Megane and Peugeot 306 Maxi.

Speedline relaunches iconic Subaru Impreza rally wheels

Factory original wheels are increasingly in demand but with a finite supply in circulation, a wider range of wheels made with original tooling is being released to meet demand. This should allow rally cars of historic interest more opportunities to compete in rallies safely and feature more frequently in demonstration runs at shows like the Goodwood Festival of Speed in future.

Many of the original wheels for these machines are now over two decades old. Racing car wheels are typically produced with magnesium, which are more difficult and expensive to accurately test for rigidity to ensure safety of use.

Speedline relaunches iconic Subaru Impreza rally wheels

With a fresh supply of factory original wheels now in production, owners of these historic vehicles will be able to retain the original set of alloy wheels for static demonstration, while fitting an identical set of new rims for historic rallying and full-speed demo runs.

At present only 8x18 5x100 size wheels for the Subaru Impreza are available but further sizes are in development, albeit without a fixed date for release of subsequent sizes.

Speedline relaunches iconic Subaru Impreza rally wheels

Versions for competition use and road use are both available, so fans of the rally cars hoping to fit these iconic wheels to their standard Imprezas are catered for.

Prices for the new Type 2013C continuation wheels start at £270 ($344, €303) + VAT.

Speedline relaunches iconic Subaru Impreza rally wheels

Period rally images courtesy of Motorsport Images