Morgan's next flagship sports car will push design inspiration from the 1940s to the 1960s. The new car is expected in the mid-2020s

The Morgan Motor Company is one of the most enduring automotive manufactures in the world, with its 110th anniversary being celebrated next year. It has survived wars, tough competition, and even threats from the modern age.

The classical design and construction is what makes a Morgan so unique today, but the British sports car manufacturer knows that it needs to change with the times. But only by a decade or two.

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Morgan planning all-new 1960s-inspired sports car

Due in the mid-2020s, this all-new car will move Morgan’s design focus from the 1930s and '40s to around the 1960s. According to Autocar, this new model will reportedly be available as a coupe and convertible and feature a far more curvaceous body if an early design sketch is anything to go by. The design has clearly been influenced by the Morgan Plus 4 Plus of 1963 which attempted to bring Morgan into the modern-age.

Morgan is famed for its carpentry and a number of models featuring wood in their construction, however, metal chassis are nothing new for the company. This new car will use an aluminium riveted box-section chassis for added rigidity (twice as stiff as an Aero) and versatility when used for multiple models. The classic will get a first outing on an anniversary model due in 2019.

As well as broadening its customer base, Morgan also has to change with the times after its supply of 4.8-litre BMW engines ran dry. BMW discontinued the engine and so Morgan is exploring alternatives, likely turbocharged, for the future.

Morgan has just enjoyed its best year for sales in its 109-year history, so getting the engine decision made will be crucial to continue that momentum. Autocar speculates that the unit could be a turbocharged six-cylinder with around 350bhp.

Morgan planning all-new 1960s-inspired sports car
Morgan planning all-new 1960s-inspired sports car

Morgan explored a vision for the future with the Morgan Eva GT Concept (pictured) that was revealed at the 2010 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. However, after the family-owned business ousted Charles Morgan, nothing more has been heard about the 2+2 GT for nearly a decade. There were reportedly arguments about Morgan's future direction.