This all-electric 1966 Fiat 600 possesses better performance and will do 120-miles on a charge. Is it the best of both worlds?

While it can make the blood of hardcore enthusiasts boil, classic car electric conversions really can breath new life into vehicles in need of restoration. As well as the environmental benefits and the easier maintenance classic EVs bring, often their performance can be greatly improved too. Take this 1966 Fiat 600 Giardinetta, a car that’s been greatly improved by its new electric heart.

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Car restoration expert Jonathan Ward was approached by a client who had a Fiat 600 that was in need of some TLC. The interior was in a bad shape and the mechanicals were continuously living up to their Italian stereotype. This 600 owner didn’t just want the car returned to ‘as good as new’ condition, but wanted to be better than new. Thanks to and existing business agreement with Stealth EV in California, the electric 600 was born.

With instant torque and a lack of weight, this little Italian car gets a shift on. While the exact power figure isn’t revealed, Jonathan speculates that it now has double or even triple its original output. “around 80lb ft of torque, 100bhp.” The 30kw battery pack comes from Tesla, netting a charging time from empty of 6 - 8 hours. Range? That’ll be a very respectable 120-miles. Other modifications included new coil-over suspension, upgraded transaxle, and larger brakes.

The exterior wasn’t in need of restoration, but the interior has been completely reupholstered with a more durable marine vinyl. Neat details such as contrasting piping and period correct gauges still makes this electric car look and feel vintage. The attention to detail is excellent with the newly installed battery power indicators mimicking the original switchgear.

Electric restomods are becoming more popular by the day as the process is relatively simple and its a great way to add performance. Modern technology with the timeless looks of a classic — we think that’s a compelling proposition.