The insanely popular S.F. Edge Trophy is set to return for the 77th Goodwood Members' Meeting on April 6-7,2019

Goodwood’s steadfast fan-favourite S.F. Edge Trophy is back! The Edwardian aero-engined monsters from previous Members’ Meetings will return to the Goodwood Motor Circuit for April 6-7, 2019, partaking in the first race confirmed for the 77th annual event.

Engines boasting clout and borderline-dangerous levels of power appears to be the main attraction towards the S.F. Edge Trophy, the 2017 grid combining an almighty engine capacity of 234-litres, averaging out at 8.6-litres per car.

This grid included the eye-wateringly aggressive ‘Beast of Turin’, boasting a 28.3-litre powerplant. Just to put that into perspective, the largest engines elsewhere at the meeting breached 5.7-litres by a whisker.

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“These Edwardian cars are a real challenge to drive, let alone race. Many of them feature rear brakes only, and the driver normally has to manage an external gear leaver with no synchromesh on any of the gears,” Said Matt Hearn, the Motorsport Event Content Manager.

“Added to that they will need to manually pressurise the fuel system on the move.”

“Then there’s the skinny tyres and solid rear axle, which makes the cars want to oversteer. You’ll see drivers in a lofty seating position, looking over a long bonnet, wresting with enormous steering wheels, trying to keep these beasts in a straight line.”

“It is quite possibly one of the most unfamiliar-but-exciting spectacles of the weekend.”


We couldn’t agree more. Goodwood never fails to offer jaw-dropping spectacles during any race to be held on the hallowed track, but the S.F. Edge Trophy ramps excitement and track-side awe to new levels.

Tickets to the 77th Members’ Meeting are available now to Goodwood Road Racing Club and Fellowship Members. For information on how to join the Fellowship click here.

Tickets to the 2019 Festival of Speed (4-7 July) and the Goodwood Revival (13-15 September) go on public sale from 5 November.

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