An online sale, ending November 9, is running with over 500 items from Cosworth's UK HQ – and there are engine parts starting at £10 each...

Renowned tuning and motorsport development specialist Cosworth, celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, is having a clear-out of old parts and memorabilia at its Northamptonshire, UK base.

The online auction has just gone live, and ends on November 9, with 529 items available. They range from a Toyota GT86 used as a development car for Cosworth tuning parts to minor engine parts with a starting bid of just £10.

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In-between the two extremes there's the Cosworth-built soapbox built for Barry Sheene to race at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, a full display engine from Cosworth's in-house museum, pistons specially etched to mark the company's 60th anniversary, full engine blocks from the Cosworth XG Indycar programme, and carbonfibre Cosworth camcovers that would make great memorabilia items.

Barry Sheene's Goodwood soapbox racer leads Cosworth auction

The star lot for us is the soapbox, which was developed in-house at Cosworth for the motorcycling legend to race in Goodwood's first ever soapbox derby, at the 2000 Festival of Speed – less than three years before Sheene's death from cancer. It's carbonfibre, and carries not just Sheene's signature but also those of Martin Brundle and René Arnoux.

The Toyota GT86 is a 2012 model, with 50,000 miles showing, 22,000 of which have been covered with a Cosworth supercharger kit. it's been converted to KW Inox V3 coilover suspension, Cosworth big brake kit on the front, Whiteline polyurethane bushes and a full Cosworth 3in exhaust system and manifold.

The engine was rebuilt 8000 miles ago with Carillo steel con-rods, new pistons and crankshaft, ported cylinder heads, uprated Cosworth valve springs, Cosworth head gaskets and Cosworth supercharger to produce 320-330bhp – which allows a 0-60mph time of 4.4 seconds.

Barry Sheene's Goodwood soapbox racer leads Cosworth auction

Cosworth say that it's 'loud, stiff and has been taken apart quite a bit'. It also has an electrical issue thought to be due to a damaged wiring loom section between engine ECU and engine, which causes the car to occasionally go into limp-home mode.

There are plenty of useful engine parts for Ford, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Honda, Aston Martin and more, right down to cylinder liners, gaskets and oil pumps, as well as big brake kits for Subaru Imprezas.

The bits we like, though, are the more historical parts. Who wouldn't want a coffee table made out of a Cosworth CA F1 engine or a set of Cosworth DFV valves, for example? The starting bid for valves is just £10...

The auction is online here with H&I Auctioneers.

Barry Sheene's Goodwood soapbox racer leads Cosworth auction
Barry Sheene's Goodwood soapbox racer leads Cosworth auction

Gallery: Barry Sheene's Goodwood soapbox racer leads Cosworth auction