An urban explorer grabbed his camera and set off for an abandoned slate mine in Wales – only to find several hundred abandoned cars stacked inside

Urban exploration is an ever-more popular past-time for the curious amongst us. Climbing inside long abandoned man-made structures, there’s a great mystery over what might be found.

But even this discovery must have shocked those that entered The Cavern of The Lost Souls, a disused slate mine on Wales’ west coast. A stack of 1960s and ‘70s cars are piled up, hidden underground in a mine shaft has been captured on video by urbex vlogger Richard’s Reality.

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Fly tipping has long been an issue local authorities have struggled to keep on top of for years but it appears the people of Wales have taken it to another level. A small surface gap in the roof in one of the mine’s caverns offers an opportunity to dump all kinds of unwanted items, from televisions and fridges to classic cars.

Given the decrepit state they’re now in, it’s unlikely they were classics when ending up inside the mine in the first place. But with the passing of time, cars which were once a dime a dozen on Britain’s roads have become treasured classics. The selection of cars sitting in the pile is astounding, and heart breaking to those who long for such models now. 

Teetering on top of the car graveyard is a pale blue Ford Cortina MkII Estate which, aside from missing a wheel and a left-rear quarter panel, looks to be almost entirely in one piece.

Watch: Inside the Welsh mine filled with abandoned classic cars

Looking further underneath the pile brings up more icons of 1970s British motoring, with a green Triumph Dolomite and light blue Ford Capri wedged underneath the Cortina. Also present deeper under the pile is a Mini Countryman – but whether it’s an estate or van we’re not quite sure.

All in all it’s an incredible find, though unfortunately the very nature of mines mean these cars have made a one-way trip to their final resting place. How they got there is still unknown– though being pushed in through the car-sized hole in the cavern’s ceiling and abandoned is the most reasonable educated guess – but given the precarious nature of abandoned mines, it’s unlikely to ever be safe enough to try and extract them.

Think you can identify more of the cars stacked in this pile? Let us know in the comments below what you’ve spotted in the video.