Volvo will pay homage to its most significant models in a display showcasing the company’s heritage during the Auto e Moto d’Epoca on October 25-28

We’ve gone a bit mad for Volvos lately but we appear to be in good company, if the response to Volvo’s latest heritage display is anything to go buy. Trumpeting the achievements of Volvo’s new V60, the renowned Swedish car manufacturer will showcase a plethora of the company’s most prominent models during the Auto e Moto d’Epoca in Padua on October 25-28.

With over six million station wagons sold wearing the Volvo satchel, the line-up includes the Volvo 445 Duett, Amazon, 245, 740, 850 and the most recent V70. The T-5R is scheduled to make an appearance, as is the totally unconventional 480 coupé.

More great Volvos!

The final car on display will be the current Volvo V60, hailed as a vision of the future with its hybrid plug-in/petrol and all-wheel drive underpinnings, T6 engine and 390bhp T8 powerplant. The new car is impressive, but we’d be making a beeline for the 850 Sports Estate; the 1994 BTCC legend. You seldom get the chance to see one of these beasts up close.


The 850 is arguably the greatest archetypical Volvo out there, boasting a typical Volvo profile with practical features and maximised interior space. The Volvo 850 GLT received a tumultuous welcome from contemporary motorists when new. The estate car version was even awarded the prestigious Japanese "1994 Good Design Grand Prize" award.

For those seeking Swedish innovation, ensure that you get some time with the 480, as it played an important role within the Volvo stable. The first series-produced front-wheel-drive car to emerge from the factory, it was equipped with a transverse installed four cylinder engine and resembled no Volvo that had come before. It even had pop-up headlamps. What’s not to like?

The Auto e Moto d’Epoca event takes place from October 25-28 in Padua, Northern Italy. You can find out more information here.