Porsche will open its seventh Exhibition Centre at Hockenheim, one of the oldest active circuits in the world, in 2019

The creation of a new Porsche Experience Centre has started at the German Grand Prix venue Hockenheim, one of the most esteemed circuits in the world.

The circuit, located in the forests of the Rhine Valley, has held 66 grand prix races, and was originally called ‘Dreieckskurs’ (triangle course) after being built in the early 1930s. The original layout was 12km in length, and was shortened by 4.5km in 1938. In 1965 a further redesign took place, but it was in ‘68 when the circuit when the track’s character changed for the first time, with two chicanes being added after motorsport legend Jim Clark’s fatal crash in a Formula 2 car.

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The straights on the circuit were still more than a kilometre long, and it remained this way until 2002, when its final redesign took place and Porsche’s rival Mercedes-Benz invested in a stadium-style grandstand for the circuit. In 2019 it will be joined at the circuit by Porsche, which laid down the foundation stone for its new Experience Centre today.

Work begins on Porsche experience centre at historic Hockenheim

At a total area of 160,000 metres squared, it is expected to take a year before it is fully built and open to the public. It will be the seventh such centre, following the original in Leipzig built in 2002, and subsequent sites at Silverstone, Atlanta and Los Angeles, French motorsport mecca Le Mans and Shanghai. The Hockenheim venue will include multiple tracks and areas for training, including 2.7km handling track. An extra dimension is added by sprinklers, skid simulators and roundabouts.

A 5200 square metre off-road park will include 70% inclines, slopes, boulders and other natural obstacles. The core building will feature boxes in which new cars can be handed to customers, as well as the usual Porsche hospitality.

Work begins on Porsche experience centre at historic Hockenheim

‘Porsche is inextricably linked to sports cars. Our new Hockenheimring Experience Centre will demonstrate this bond perfectly,’ said Alexander Pollich, Porsche Deeutschland CEO. ‘Located just 100km or so from the brand’s headquarters in Stuttgart, the centre will give customers and fans the chance to feel the thrill of driving our sports cars on challenging on-road and off-road tracks.’