A Pontiac Trans Am owner was reportedly left heartbroken when he found his car stripped of parts after it was sent for restoration and modification.

Picture the scene… Your beloved classic car, the thing that you’ve put all of your time and energy into, needs a new coat of paint. That’s not the end of the world and there are plenty of specialists out there who will take good care of your pride and joy, or at least that’s what you’d hope. Ray Hiersche took his 1985 Trans Am to a shop only to allegedly get it back in pieces with many components missing. 

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Pontiac Trans Am left stripped of parts after restoration

The Kansas City Star reported on this sorry state of affairs that alleges that the Showroom Carstar repair shop not only provided sub-par work on many of the cars it took in, but also left them stripped of parts. In the case of the Trans Am, Mr Hiersche agreed to additional modifications to his car while it was in the shop and wrote the owner a cheque for $40,462 for all of the work to be carried out. Suspicion arose when the shop owner refused to let Hiersche see his car. By the time the police were involved, the Trans Am was just a shell in a storage unit.

Mr Hiersche isn’t the only victim as five other customers have encouraged Johnson County District Attorney, Stephen Howe, to sue the business. Showroom Carstar’s owner was contacted by the Kansas City Star via phone, he’s believed to be living in Florida now, but said he was unaware of the county’s lawsuit and hung up. According to the news outlet there’s $111,000 of unfinished work over various cars, not to mention countless missing parts.

Another victim, Thomas Hayselden Jr, wanted his 1957 Ford Fairlane restored, a process that was said to take 18 months It took eight years for the car to be retrieved, again in pieces with much of it missing. The district attorney is seeking a refund of Hayselden’s $37,647 and the missing parts of his car.

This really is a tale of woe and we hope that the victims can one day enjoy their cars once again. This is definitely a cautionary tail of only letting businesses you trust carry out work on your classic car.