It’s forever up for debate, but new research suggests that BMW owners are currently the most irresponsible drivers on Britain’s roads

We’ve all been there. Sitting at the national speed limit with a lunatic in a saloon practically rubbing the paint off your rear bumper. Public consensus blames Audi drivers for most tarmac grievances, yet new research from insurance comparison site GoCompare points the finger of blame directly at BMW owners.

GoCompare originally surveyed 2000 British drivers to debunk the stereotype that ‘White Van Men’ are most likely to cause accidents, but instead received an overwhelming response labelling BMW drivers as Britain’s worst offenders.

In fact, the recent research found van drivers to be the UK’s safest – for every 100,000 miles travelled, vans were involved in 3.8 times fewer accidents with injuries than cars - although there are many more cars on the road than vans.

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The survey also exposed something of a generation gap in terms of the age-old stereotype surrounding White Van Men. While drivers aged between 45-64 thought Transit drivers were the worst, those aged 44 and younger chose German marques, with Audi coming a close second among younger age brackets.

BMW drivers are Britain's worst


  1. BMW - 24%
  2. Ford Transit - 21.8%
  3. Black Cab - 14.1%
  4. Audi - 9%
  5. Ferrari - 6.3%
  6. Porsche - 5.7%
  7. Subaru - 4.2%
  8. Mercedes - 4.1%
  9. VW Golf - 2.9%
  10. Vauxhall Astra - 2.5%
  11. Toyota Prius - 2.1%
  12. Ford Focus - 1.9%
  13. Lexus - 1.5%

The areas where BMW drivers are currently disliked the most include Northern Ireland and the East Midlands. Interestingly, the BMW driver is the most disliked amongst van drivers.

With any poll such as this, you need to take the results with a pinch of salt; this is purely the opinion of a particular set of 2000 people. However, what can be deduced is that the typecasting of van drivers as ‘orangutans with a driving licence’ is quickly dying out.