A convoy of classic Jaguar XJs will drive to Paris to mark 50 years of the luxury saloon. Land Rover Series I 'Reborn' will also take to the stage.

Motor shows used to be great exhibitions of the very latest models from world-famous brands, but today we see manufacturers shying away from these big events. Not Jaguar Land Rover though.

At the 2018 Paris Motor show, they will celebrate its prestigious past, innovative present, and exciting future. Two of the biggest stars will be a Land Rover Series I ‘Reborn’ and a very special Jaguar XJ6.

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The ‘reborn’ Land Rover Series 1 project started back in 2016 with the aim of taking 25 original 4x4s and restoring them back to ‘as new’ condition. Land Rover’s Classic division was responsible for recommissioning these workhorses by using an original supply of parts and in-house knowledge of the 1948 specification.

The debate over leaving a classic vehicle in its original state or restoring it to former glory rages on, though it's great to see these iconic vehicles back on display either way.

Classic Jaguar and Land Rovers to star at Paris Motor Show 2018
Classic Jaguar and Land Rovers to star at Paris Motor Show 2018

Designed by Maurice Wilks on his farm in Anglesey, the first Land Rover was designed as a go-anywhere vehicle primarily produced from surplus military parts. Land Rovers have been used by everyone from the farmers to the armed forces to get to locations few other vehicles can. The last Land Rover Defender, the car the Series 1 evolved into, rolled off the production line in 2016.

Jaguar’s XJ celebrates a huge 50-year milestone with its flagship luxury saloon. It really is incredible that this British icon is still here today, especially considering the popularity of SUVs. To highlight its advances Jag will show an original 1968 Series 1 XJ6 next to the latest XJ50.

However, it's not just any XJ6. This particular example is the very car Sir William Lyons revealed at the model's debut in Paris decades before. We suspect that there might also be more news of the next Jaguar XJ announced at the event.

Classic Jaguar and Land Rovers to star at Paris Motor Show 2018

In the build-up to the Paris Motor Show, Jaguar will also take a convoy of Jaguar XJ from its Castle Bromwich plant in the UK, to the Paris Motor Show itself. This parade of XJs will represent eight generations of British luxury motoring.

Ian Callum, Jaguar’s Design Director, said: “The Jaguar XJ is an iconic nameplate and has been a mainstay of the brand for as long as I can remember. We have always paid close attention to this car’s origins when reimagining it for the modern day, so it is fantastic that the current vehicle will sit alongside the original for all to see.”

History is a big part of Jaguar Land Rover, so it’s great to see these historic models in the spotlight once again.