Mazda's official restoration program for the first generation MX-5 has its first very happy customer. The 26 year-old Eunos Roadster is now in showroom condition

The Mazda MX-5 is known by many names around the world, but loved by all who drive it. Be it a Eunos or Miata, the lightweight sports car offers a pure driving experience at a very affordable price point. The MX-5 is now in its fourth generation, but Mazda has just completed its first official restoration of an original NA car.

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Mazda completes first factory MX-5 restoration
Mazda completes first factory MX-5 restoration

Putting some TLC into this roadster is nothing new, especially if you find your car has the dreaded rusty sills, but this official restoration program is done by Mazda itself in Japan. The earliest Eunos Roadsters are approaching 30 years-old and sourcing original parts is becoming harder and harder, but Mazda and its partners have committed to reproducing the mechanicals required for each project.

The very first car to go through this process belonged to a Japanese gentleman by the name of Mr. Nishimoto Yoshitsugu. Chosen from over 40 applicants, Nishimoto expects to be able to continue his Eunos Roadster for another 25 years.

Unfortunately, Mazda was a bit light on exactly what works were carried out, though Nishimoto does mention that his dog managed to damage the convertible roof. The 26-year old Eunos' fabric roof now fixed, it will be wearing a hard-top for days when his wife wants to avoid sunburn.

Mazda completes first factory MX-5 restoration

So, was it worth the time and expense? 'People who like the Roadster, please do it by all means. You may feel that it is relatively costly compared to the price of the new car, but if you can keep it dozens of years from now on, you have to do it. I think that it is worth it,' said the car's owner. A glowing review indeed.

Sadly, at this point, the restoration program is only open to Japanese customers. We’d love to see a similar service offered in Europe and North America to keep rusty MX-5s and Miatas off the scrapheap.