What happens if you feed a car Pepsi, salt and two eggs? It does die, eventually, but this Lada showed the surprising strength of Russian engineering

We’re sure you all laughed at the build quality of Soviet-era cars, with Ladas often the butt of jokes in Britain given their perceived questionable build quality. But a rather rusty Lada 1500 might be about to dramatically change your opinion, refusing to die after ingesting everything from Pepsi to salt.

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This video by Garage 54 documents something of an experiment to see how willingly a Lada 1500’s 1.5-litre straight-four engine runs on, let’s say, alternative fuels. Their presenter explains that the engine is to be rebuilt anyway, so this exercise is simply exercising curiosity.

After the original engine oil was drained, the Lada was ready for its first course consisting of vegetable oil. This doesn’t present a problem with the car’s sensors not even indicating any drop in pressure despite vegetable oil being thinner than engine oil. The only issue was a slight rattle from the camshaft.

Next up, the old ‘sugar in the fuel tank’ trick, something that is rumoured to turn petrol into sludge. This turns out to be a myth as sugar doesn’t dissolve in petrol, so can’t be ingested by the engine. How about a combination of Pepsi and milk? It might turn our stomach, but this little Lada just carried on ticking over regardless.

Salt, dishwashing liquid, citric acid, and even a couple of eggs still failed to stop the Lada in its tracks. Check out the video as it has to be seen to be believed.

The closest to the scrapyard this Lada got was when it struggled to start after ingesting water, but a set of new spark plugs saw it cough back into life. Maybe it's time to retire those old Lada jokes after all.