Three terms are firmly associated with Alfa Romeo: Corrosion, irregularity and doom. This 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia has been rebuilt and goes against the stereotype. Check it out!

They say that Alfa Romeo is an aphrodisiac. Yet, the only thing this brand raises is your hopes. You can proclaim love for Italy’s foremost papier-mâché manufacturer all you like, but even the lewdest of models boasting the adulated Turin badge self-detonate with utmost complacency.

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The Alfa Romeo Giulia is one of the biggest culprits, yanking at the tangy heartstrings with an intoxicating blend of curvaceous looks, throaty performance and steadfast handling. Yet, behind the erogenous aesthetics and traditional ‘sense of occasion’ lurks sinister aspects normally associated with a manipulative ex-partner. After stealing your heart, the Giulia then goes ahead and breaks it.

Could this be the most reliable Alfa Romeo ever?

Finely tuned and beyond delicate with time’s onward march, the Giulia doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Overstep the mark and you’ll rupture a carburettor or find yourself gazing through a haze of steam festering from the bonnet’s edge. Proceed to use this car on a daily basis and rust will take command across the structure like a crusty coup d’état. Ignore the service interval and the Alfa will strive to kill your family.

Could this be the most reliable Alfa Romeo ever?

However, should you find a good one, the ill-founded reputation as a lampooned automotive curse is quickly debunked.

When considering the purchase of Alfa’s Giulia model, the advice is to find as solid a body as possible. The general consensus is to worry about the mechanicals afterwards, as specialist support and parts availability are second to none. Yet, with this example residing in the classifieds, you can throw caution to the wind – as it’s damn near perfect.

Could this be the most reliable Alfa Romeo ever?

Described as a ‘proven and turn-key rally entrant’, this no-expense-spared, full-on restoration is tipped as one of the very best in the business. Trumpeting rude health, this Alfa could easily caress your every whim as a long-distance cruiser or take other rally entrants round back and punch them into paralysis come race day.

No less than £7,000 (£9201) was spent on a rebuild of the engine in 2017, of which has covered just 1500 miles since. The gearbox was renovated back in 2015; perfectly broken in and ready for its next engagement.

Could this be the most reliable Alfa Romeo ever?

The Italian brute also benefits from a limited slip differential, disc brakes, alloy radiator, alloy sump and gearbox guard, fully sorted suspension and Spax adjustable shock absorbers. There’s also a full-blown roll cage, Cibie spot lamps, and fully-trimmed interior.

As a striking car with a genuine purpose, what more could you possibly want?

Update: It seems a bulletproof Alfa Romeo is highly sought after indeed. Only eight hours after bringing this example to our readers' attention, it's been sold! You've got to be quick in this game...

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