Audi has seen plenty of success in DTM over the years, but now claims a new milestone. 100 wins is quite the achievement!

DTM, or German touring cars to those unfamiliar with the series, is an incredibly competitive sport that sees the best of Germany go head-to-head. This weekend Audi celebrated its 100th victory in DTM, a big achievement for the German brand in a home-grown series.

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Audi celebrates 100th DTM victory

DTM’s origins begin back in 1984 with its focus firmly on production based cars taking to the track. Group 5 regulations that didn’t require a minimum number of road production cars for homologation had sent other German racing series in other directions, DTM wanted to keep things rooted in cars people could actually buy.

The racing was fantastic due to close competition, star drivers, and challenging tracks. Sadly, politics ended up crippling the series with DTM being cancelled in 1996 after every manufacture other than Mercedes-Benz leaving. A new era of DTM was revived in 2000 and it has been going strong ever since.

Audi celebrates 100th DTM victory

Audi has had a strong showing in DTM over the years, creating many competitive cars, but it’s breakthrough moment was the Audi V8 Quattro. This 3.6-litre V8 was piloted by legends such as Walter Röhrl and Hans-Joachim Stuck to great effect. A combination of Quattro all-wheel drive and the grunt available from its V8 enabled this model to claim championship victories in 1990 and 1991.

In the new era of DTM Audi has seen success with racing variants of the original Audi TT, A4, and RS 5.

Audi celebrates 100th DTM victory

With Audi withdrawing from their dominant position in the World Endurance Championship in the wake of the diesel emission scandal, DTM remains an important motorsport outlet for the brand.