Rare Audi Quattro prototype, believed to be the first right-hand drive car in the UK, is heading to auction. 12 of these prototype cars were built with just two known to survive today.

The Audi Quattro is a highly significant car in the history of the automobile. Not only did its Quattro all-wheel-drive system come to redefine how rally cars were designed, but it also introduced the car-buying public to all-wheel drive performance cars. Healthy examples sell for ludicrious amouts of money but, if you seek something truly special from Audi's pedigree stable, you can go one better.

This rare right-hand drive pre-production prototype is heading to auction with an interesting history. Prototypes are always special, but this Quattro boasts enough heritage to floor any automotive historian.

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Pre-Production Audi Quattro Prototype up for sale!
Pre-Production Audi Quattro Prototype up for sale!

The Audi Quattro was never originally designed to go into production, with the road car simply there to homologate the Group 4 racer. However, Audi were taken totally by surprise when huge demand for the car arose. Initially the Quattro was left-hand drive only, but despite this drawback, the Quattro still proved popular in the UK. So much so that it wasn’t difficult for the UK importer to persuade Audi to fast-track the development of a right-hand drive variant.

Audi began work on 12 right-hand drive prototype cars on the ‘C’ chassis that featured quad headlamps and differing suspension found on later cars. When the right-hand drive model made production it was built on the new ‘D’ variation of the chassis, making these prototype cars very unique indeed.

It is believed just two of these right-hand drive examples survived with what is likely the very first to enter the UK up for sale at the September Silverstone Auction.

Pre-Production Audi Quattro Prototype up for sale!

Chassis 85CA901328 was built in June 1982 and registered on 1st August 1982. With over 71,000-miles on the clock it has been enjoyed, but one of its previous owners decided to garage the Quattro in 1997 for almost 20 years. It’s current custodian sent the Audi to a specialist for ‘extensive recommissioning work’ costing over £11,000.

This pre-production prototype Audi Quattro is not only rare, but in prime condition to be used. Lot number 336 is estimated to go for between £50,000 - £60,000 on 29th September 2018.