Ever dreamed of owning a fleet of Maseratis but simply don't have the money? For $25,000, you could own a 13-strong collection of Chrysler TC by Maserati grand tourers

What happens when you mate 1980s Chrysler design philosophy with an Italian supercar maker? Poor sales and a bad reputation were somewhat inevitable. Yet a 13-strong single-owner collection of the Chrysler TC by Maserati has been amassed in Indianapolis, now waiting to be sold, according to The Indianapolis Star.

They all belong to the same 76-year-old 'car nut' owner, who now wants to be parted with his collection. Contemporary reviews of the 1989 grand tourer did not shine brightly on the car, with one magazine describing it as ‘a wrinkly grandmother dressed up in custom running shoes and ill-fitting hot pants.’ You have to wonder how one man ended up with 13 of them.

The best and worst of Chrysler and Maserati...

The TC by Maserati came about by part due to the relationship between Lea Iacocca and Alessandro De Tomaso of Ford and De Tomaso. By the mid-1980s they headed Chrysler and Maserati respectively and decided to work together on a sports car.

Long delayed, the car came with a 2.2-litre straight-four engine, which was then replaced with a Mitsubishi 3.0L V6 unit. Unsurprisingly no-one had a good word to say about their collaboration, not helped by a lofty price tag and being little more than a Chrysler LeBaron. By 2009, Chrysler and Maserati were under the same FIAT ownership.

Collection owner Jim Campbell, a former longtime employee of Chrysler rival General Motors, does not use any of the TCs as an everyday car. He put them on a online classified ads site last month for $25,000, although commented to local paper The Indianapolis Star that he was ‘flexible on the price’. Two of the 13 are not known to even run.

13-strong Chrysler TC by Maserati collection on sale for $25,000

It may be the largest bulk sale of Chrysler TC by Maserati cars ever attempted, and B. Karleen Tarola, president and founder of TC America Inc., the club for fans of the car, believes it may be the biggest single-owner collection of the car on the planet. Tarola's ambition is 'to elevate the TC to the position it should have as a classic automobile'.

To our knowledge, Campbell has received no offers for his collection, and has said he 'wouldn't mind retaining two or three'.