Luxury dealer H.R. Owen has sold a new Ferrari 812 Superfast in a custom-ordered livery, based on the legendary Rob Walker Ferrari 250 SWB raced by Sir Stirling Moss

H.R. Owen has unveiled a Ferrari 812 Superfast with a livery inspired by the 250 SWB that Sir Stirling Moss drove to several GT victories in the early 1960s.

The leading luxury dealer group handed over the unique car which, at its customer’s request, comes in a blue and white livery inspired by the legendary Rob Walker-entered Ferrari 250 SWB which dominated GT racing from 1960 to ‘62.

Not only is the SWB visually stunning it also is commonly cited as Ferrari’s best ever road and race all-rounder, a view which is shared by Sir Stirling. ‘Without a doubt it is the greatest Ferrari road car,’ he has said, ‘perhaps the greatest road car of any make. You really could drive it to a race, compete – and win – then drive it home.’

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Stirling Moss-inspired Ferrari 812 Superfast unveiled

The Ferrari was built in August 1960 and Sir Stirling drove the car to victory at the Tourist Trophy at Goodwood later that month. He then took wins at Nassau, Brands Hatch and Silverstone, while the following year, 1961, Mike Parkes picked up three victories in the car. The SWB also scored endurance class wins at Le Mans – where it also finished third overall – and Sebring.

It has also been argued that the car represented the end of an era for Ferrari as its last road car that with little or no modification could be raced successfully including in top-level motorsport events.

Stirling Moss-inspired Ferrari 812 Superfast unveiled

The dark blue livery with a white stripe and roundels, that the 812 Superfast is inspired by, reflect the iconic colours of Rob Walker Racing, the famous privateer that achieved much success in F1 and beyond with Moss and others.

The modern 812 Superfast is powered by a 6.5-litre V12 engine that delivers 800bhp at 8,500 rpm.

Stirling Moss-inspired Ferrari 812 Superfast unveiled

‘Ferrari has such an incredible history, both on the road and on the track,’ said H.R. Owen CEO Ken Choo, ‘so we applaud this customer’s choice in evoking an iconic livery for his 812 Superfast.

‘It’s fitting that this design was first seen on a V12 Berlinetta Ferrari in the early ‘60s and here – more than 55 years later – we see it on a car that can trace its V12 lineage right back to the 250 SWB and beyond.’

Stirling Moss-inspired Ferrari 812 Superfast unveiled

Historic images courtesy of Motorsport Images