Michael Mann has reportedly started production on his Enzo Ferrari biopic with Hugh Jackman as the Ferrari mastermind, after being frozen in development for several years

It’s been languishing in development for years but filming for Michael Mann’s Enzo Ferrari biopic is now reputedly underway, with Hugh Jackman in the leading role and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo star Noomi Rapace as his estranged wife Laura Dominica Garello.

The script was written nearly 17 years ago, Mann’s story crafted in partnership with the late director Sydney Pollack back in 2001. Between other projects, the duo laid out a plot, characters and timeframe yet development was shelved for nearly a decade after Pollack died in 2008.

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Set in 1957, the film focuses on the fiery and combustible relationship Enzo suffered with his nearest and dearest. A year where passion, failure, success, and death all collided in Enzo’s battle for tarmac supremacy against Maserati, the real-life telling of Enzo’s exploits promises to pack as much car action in as possible.

Ferrari biopic underway – but who is playing Enzo?
Ferrari biopic underway – but who is playing Enzo?

The film's premise revolves around Enzo's son, Alfredo. From an early age, Enzo groomed ‘Alfredino’ to be his successor until Alfredo's sudden death on June 30, 1956 of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Enzo's resulting grief eventually contributed to the collapse of Ferrari's marriage.

The film’s premise attracted the attention of Robert De Niro before Christian Bale signed onto the project back in 2015. De Niro is reportedly bringing a rival film to fruition, whereas Bale withdrew from the film over health concerns, as the script required the actor to put on considerable weight.

Jackman is a closer physical match for Ferrari, although this turn would be the first on-screen venture without brandishing his trademark physique. Rather, he may have a strict Italian diet to follow.

Ferrari biopic underway – but who is playing Enzo?

The news coincides with the production of Ferrari vs Ford, a motion picture based around the bitter Le Mans rivalry between Ford and Ferrari during the early 1960s. You can read more about the production here.

Enzo Ferrari - the film’s working title – will be Michael Mann’s first film since 2015’s Blackhat. Starring Chris Hemsworth and Viola Davis, Blackhat proved to be a financial disaster. Raising just $19 million from the worldwide box office against an original $80 million budget, we hope Enzo Ferrari proves somewhat more successful.