Honda's supercar has evolved over the years from humble hero to cutting-edge hybrid supercar. Each NSX generation will be on display at Salon Privé 2018

There are very few cars that are admired universally, but the Honda NSX is one of them. This Japanese supercar proved that the breed could be reliable and you didn’t need a prancing horse on your bonnet to go quickly. The NSX will be celebrated at Salon Privé with a look through its history.


The exclusive UK automotive event will host all three generations of Honda NSX, creating a timeline of this supercar’s evolution. Although not in attendance, the NSX story began with the HP-X concept by Pininfarina, which got Honda’s engineers thinking about producing a Ferrari-beater. They wanted to create a high performance car that carried the function and reliability values of their brand.

Salon Privé takes place Thursday 30 August to Saturday 1 September at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire. There's more on what to expect here.

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The end result was the Honda NSX with its fighter-jet inspired cockpit. It not only looked the part, but its 3.0-litre V6 VTEC engine gave it the performance to stand up to the premium-badged naysayers. A particular ace up Honda’s sleeve was that legendary Formula 1 champion Ayrton Senna helped with the final development of this car.

History of the Honda NSX on display at Salon Privé

In 1997 an updated model grew the engine to 3.2-litre, which dropped the 0-60mph time dramatically. The original car completed the dash in 7.5 seconds, but the new and improved model slashed that to 5.7 seconds. Another tweak to this second generation car saw it lose those pop-up headlights but gain tauter suspension. Production for the NSX ended in 2005.

2016 saw the rebirth of the NSX as a hybrid supercar, again designed to take on the established performance big boys. A twin-turbo 3.5-litre V6 engine and three electric motors gave this renewed icon 573bhp. 0-62mph is shrugged off in just 3 seconds. An updated third-generation Honda NSX has just been revealed that is capable of lapping the Suzuka circuit 2 seconds faster than its predecessor.

History of the Honda NSX on display at Salon Privé

Salon Privé co-founder and sales director David Bagley said, 'The original NSX was a true pioneer blending high performance and good looks with Japanese reliability and that’s exactly what Honda has achieved with the latest model. It’s brimming with technology and is a spectacularly fast and capable supercar when you want it to be, but equally versatile and usable when running around town.'