The Wriggly Monkey – Bicester Heritage’s classic car-inspired onsite brewery – is set to celebrate its launch with an Oktoberfest with a difference…

Bicester Heritage’s on-site brewery is gearing up to host its own spin on Oktoberfest, which will take place on September 28, 2018 from 6pm-midnight. Tickets will cost £12 and include the most German of all cuisines – a beer and a bratwurst!

Located in Bicester Heritage’s technical park in Oxfordshire, the Wriggly Monkey Brewery takes inspiration from the world of classic engineering and motoring. Combining traditional ales and low-alcohol brews (and, trust us, all of these are incredible), it resonates all the heritage of Winston Churchill’s stiff upper lip laced with the craic of James Hunt.

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Head brewer Luke Roberts remains obsessed with historic cars and engineering. A mechanical engineering graduate and ex-F1 engineer, he spotted a gap in the market for quality beverages targeting the motoring world. He now plans to traverse the country and attend various high-end car events to spread the word with Wriggly Monkey’s specially adapted Armstrong Siddeley Racing Bar. That’s not a typo – it really is a functioning bar.

Wriggly Monkey Brewery to launch with Oktoberfest celebration

Full Tilt, the brewery’s first beer, has already proven a hit, with Super Sports golden ale undoubtedly soon to follow. Naturally, these names – and subsequent planned titles – are named after car bodystyles.

The brewery has undergone substantial building work, and it will soon operate an on-site tap room that will be open to the public two nights per week. Special car club events and local gatherings will have the opportunity to use these services, which should prove rather popular!

‘Bicester Heritage, an outstandingly beautiful 348-acre former World War Two RAF bomber training station accommodating over 30 specialist motorsport businesses, is the perfect playground for this brainchild,’ a spokesperson for Wriggle Monkey explained.

Wriggly Monkey Brewery to launch with Oktoberfest celebration

And what better inaugural event is there to showcase ‘engineering beer for petrol heads’ than a classic car take on Germany’s legendary Oktoberfest? We’ll certainly be there! Lederhosen and classic cars are certainly encouraged…

Tickets are on sale now through the Wriggly Monkey’s website. Click here to find out more.