This short but epic film shows classic 911s at their best – and was the worthy winner in a global competition from Porsche Classic. Sit back and enjoy the ride...

Porsche enthusiasts are some of the most loyal in the world, with fans of historic models even more so. The lucky few who own these snippets of automotive history buy them for more than bragging rights, they own them for the experience.

Porsche Classic Life takes care of many owners and their cars at its unique facility located at Bicester Heritage. A recent film they produced perfectly encompasses what life with a classic Porsche is all about.

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An international competition was open to all 65 Porsche Classic centres around the world in a bid to tell the story behind what they do. Run by the Dick Lovett Porsche Centre in Swindon, Porsche Classic Life is the only official standalone facility for classic Porsche in the UK — and so was sole representative from Great Britain.

Their video tells the story of growing old via a Victorian era poem by Matthew Arnold. This poignant piece stars an air-cooled 911 being restored to its racing price. Historic footage, wistful glances to the middle-distance, and the Porsche Classic Life chaps at work bring forth some of the emotive elements of classic car ownership.

Video: watch Porsche Classic Life's prize-winning 911 film

The film, created by Cardiff-based We Make Films Happen, secured third place in the global awards. Lucy Hawkins, Dick Lovett Group Digital Marketing Manager said, 'It’s particularly special for us as the film has real meaning for Dick Lovett as the Porsche 911s belong to our chairman Peter Lovett, himself a Porsche enthusiast and former Porsche racing driver, and it gives an insight into our logo as you see the 1960s Porsche 911 T drive up Hackpen White Horse – the view which inspired the Dick Lovett brand.”

Lucy and Porsche Classic Life’s manager Stephen Brown attended the event at the Nurbürgring in Germany. Presenting the awards was non-other than racing legend Derek Bell. Bell was also in Germany to take part in the Oldtimer Grand Prix, piloting Porsche UK’s restored 1965 911 that has been the responsibility of Porsche Centre Swindon.

Congratulations to the Porsche Classic Life team, and don’t forget to check out the video!