As a celebration of Lotus’ 70th anniversary, the British sportscar manufacturer will open their gates for a one-off event at their Norfolk HQ on September 29

To further celebrations as Lotus reaches a milestone 70th anniversary year, the legendary British marque will welcome fans and enthusiasts of Colin Chapman’s original vision for a special event.

Held at Lotus headquarters on the former site of RAF Hethel, a World War II airfield in Norfolk, more than 300 cars will showcase 70 years of heritage during a one-day gathering on Saturday, September 29.

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Attendees will be able to view the Lotus factory, workshops and design studios at their leisure, with a display of Lotus’ finest vehicles spread out over the factory grounds. Classic Team Lotus will be in attendance with a selection of their historic F1 cars, demonstrating several of Jim Clark's favoured Lotus F1 vehicles with a series of on-track demonstrations.


More than 200 cars are already confirmed for club displays from various Lotus owners groups, with the likes of Diana Rigg’s Lotus Elan, Patrick McGoohan’s Lotus 7 and Roger Moore’s Esprit S1 set to attend.

Lotus owners have been given extra incentive to take their car along with them, as the iconic British marque will provide a free ticket and on-site parking at the Lotus factory for those bringing their own examples. Quick! Buy a Lotus here…

However, if you can’t quite afford a classic or modern Lotus at such short notice, don’t panic. Tickets are free if you nip down to your local mainstream Lotus dealer and enquire about attendance. You can find your local Lotus showroom here – but you’ll need to be fast. The guest list has to be confirmed by the end of today (August 15).

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Thanks to its popularity the event is already at capacity for the number of vehicles that can fit on site, but if you are desperate to have your Lotus admired by the Chapman fraternity get along for the ‘Lotus only’ car park. There will be plenty of action going on in there, too!

You can find out more information on the Lotus 70 website.