What’s in your garage? A pushbike, some boxes, sports kit… or a classic Countach? The latter is exactly what this student found in his grandmother’s garage

Has there ever been a supercar that better defines the ‘poster car’ breed than the Lamborghini Countach? Its striking wedge shape captured the imagination of many kids in the 1970s and ’80s, who lovingly plastered their bedroom walls with those Italian creases. It’s a pretty unforgettable design… Or is it? A student who discovered a long-overlooked Countach in his grandmother’s garage may beg to differ.

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Grandson discovers long-lost Lamborghini in nan’s garage

It might sound like a work of fiction, but according to Reddit user Eriegin this is exactly what happened when he volunteered to help clear out his grandmother’s storage space. Under boxes and other flotsam was a 1981 Lamborghini Countach 5000 S.

The story goes that this young man’s late grandfather once ran an exotic car business in the 1980s, but high insurance costs forced him to close it down. He kept a few of the cars tucked away – vehicles that were forgotten about after he died. As if this story wasn’t interesting enough, alongside the Lamborghini was a Ferrari 308 and an MG T-series.

The cars appear to have survived their decades-long slumber reasonably well, with the garage sheltering them from the elements. Sadly, supercars of this nature need to be run semi-regularly in order to keep the mechanicals in prime condition, so these examples are going to need some serious TLC before they are put back on the road.

Grandson discovers long-lost Lamborghini in nan’s garage
Grandson discovers long-lost Lamborghini in nan’s garage

What’s next for nan’s long-lost Lamborghini and Ferrari? According to Eriegin, his grandmother is ‘looking to get rid of them sometime soon, but they’re not officially for sale, per se. Accepting offers maybe?’ He adds: ‘If it were up to me, I’d get [the Lamborghini] running again and clean up the interior but keep the exterior close to as is. It has character and tells the story of the car which sets it apart from any other Countach around. I can honestly appreciate that more than a perfect paint job.’

Most people who clear out an old garage find ancient pushbikes or a fridge freezer, not a collection of exotic cars. Still, it might be worth checking, eh?