Subaru SVX, Honda S2000, Porsche 911 Dakar Rally Raid and Land Rover Series IIA confirmed for Matchbox’s new 2019 diecast line-up – and there’s more…

Admit it – we’re all big kids inside. You can pretend you aren’t interested all you like, but if you have a genuine passion for classic cars, scale models always capture your attention. Mostly because it’s where we all started – which is why we at AutoClassics had reason to get excited upon clapping eyes on the prototypes for Matchbox’s upcoming 2019 releases.

Model enthusiasts attending the recent annual Matchbox convention experienced pangs of childhood excitement when they received a preview of next year’s line-up. And from what has since been posted to social media, some great modern classics will soon be hitting shelves across the world.

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The quirky Subaru SVX is one such vehicle to be getting the Matchbox treatment, alongside other Far Eastern stalwarts including the Honda S2000 and Subaru Sambar kei truck. It’s not only offerings from Japan that are in the works, however, as Matchbox’s 3D model showcase also presented evidence that Land Rover Series IIA 109in, Hillman Imp, Porsche 930 and BMW 2002 diecast goodies are all on their way.


One of the most attention-grabbing models remains the concept for Porsche’s 911 Dakar Rally Raid, alongside a Mercedes-Benz S123 estate and, um, a street sweeper.

Furthermore, a video presented during the Matchbox convention revealed further news on upcoming models, including a custom Nissan Titan and an Xterra. One proposed offering piques our curiosity more than most, however; a flatbed lorry transporting a load of portable toilets. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what that’s all about…

Proposed releases for the remainder of 2018 incorporate a swathe of Mercedes-Benz models, including the McLaren-Mercedes SLR, GLE Coupé, first-generation CLS and Unimog.

A Dennis fire truck is on the way, too, alongside a Jaguar E-type convertible, Austin 3000, Dodge Viper R/T-10, first-generation Ford F-series pick-up and Ford Crown Victoria police car.

Needless to say, our Christmas wish list has grown substantially…

Lead picture from mc_gathering via Instagram