A famous Lexus LS saloon is approaching the million-mile mark. See for yourself what that kind of wear and tear does to a car

Leaks, creaks, groans. These are the globally recognised signs of old age – and the situation is the same for cars, too. A Lexus LS saloon exists in America that has covered more than 983,000 miles, and is still racking them up by the day until it reaches the magic million.

The car is owned by automotive journalist Matt Farah, but is loaned out to anyone who wants to push the mile counter further. It currently resides with Bulgarian adventurers Ana and Anton, who have added 10,000 miles in a road trip encompassing as much of the US as possible.

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YouTube channel LegitStreetCars visited the Lexus in its current location in Chicago. There it examined the underside of the vehicle, which is far from perfect – as you can see from the video below:


There are leaks from pretty much every place imaginable, worn bearings and bushings, and a vibration that can be attributed to multiple sources.

The engine is the original, while the transmission and gearbox have both been rebuilt by previous owners. Somehow the car is still considered roadworthy, although hitting 1,000,000 miles without some serious repairs will be a tough call.